Accelerating Business Value with Automation...

As digital transformation strategies take hold and organizations embrace a philosophy of data-driven decision-making, many functions that have traditionally communicated little with each other are coming together around a shared need for current...

10 ways to replace ineffective meetings...

Slack channels are the workhorse of a meeting-savvy culture. They’re virtual spaces to share messages, workplace automations, digital tools and files, and can be created for any project, topic or team. Slack channels are a better way to work, especially in a digital HQ.

The State of Data Security and Management 2022

From a global survey of 2,000 IT and security decision-makers, this report identifies ransomware risk factors and key ways to strengthen data security and cyber resiliency. Among the major findings: Legacy infrastructure and lack of collaboration...

Outpace the Competition

Discover the intersection between high-performance racing and enterprise IT with this conversation between experts.

Omnichannel experiences need an omnichannel data...

Traditionally, companies have focused on collecting data from the digital arms of their customer journey. But for marketing and IT to create a fulfilling omnichannel experience, they need access to all omnichannel data.

Veeam Data Platform 23H2 Update – Radically Resilient

Every day, attackers are infiltrating networks, destroying key systems, and holding data for ransom. With so many attack vectors, strong security and clear communication has never been so important for IT Operations and Security teams alike.

Privileged Account Management Policy...

Cybersecurity technology goes hand in hand with policy-based governance. One of the first steps to privileged access management (PAM) success is defining clear and consistent policies that everyone who uses and manages privileged accounts understands and accepts.

smartCIO Magazine: Less Artificial, More Intelligence

Introducing smartCIO Magazine, a global quarterly magazine for today’s modern IT leaders. Hear from thought leaders about the latest technology trends, business challenges, and strategic approaches for maximizing value.

Strengthen Microsoft Defender with Sophos MDR

Endpoint security is an essential layer of protection, but it can’t stop every threat. Implementing an effective Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service has become essential for any organization to stay protected.

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